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Marty Brutvan is a Design Technologist with a background in fine art and music.  He is currently part of the Digital Team at the New York Public Library and he continues to participate in the sports he learned as a child.

Growing up in Binghamton, Marty was shaped by his participation in the artistic opportunities available in the community, including the visual art and music programs afforded by the Binghamton schools, the Binghamton Ballet School at the Roberson Museum and the local rock music scene. Marty also benefitted from the chance to participate in organized sports outlets like the CYO Soccer and Binghamton City Baseball leagues and eventually the BHS cross county and track teams, as well as less structured sporting activities like neighborhood stickball in the local parking lots and ultimate frisbee pickup games in Rec Park.

Many of the connections and friends made during these experiences are still part of Marty’s life and the lessons learned from the adversity in competition and the vulnerability felt when creating something personal continue to influence his decisions and general outlook on life.  Recognizing the importance that the arts and athletics have had on his own life, Marty is excited to help Binghamton youth find their own meaningful experiences through these same avenues.

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